Fayette County Republic Women

“Man is not free unless government is limited. There’s a clear cause and effect here that is as neat and predictable as a law of physics: As government expands, liberty contracts.”

Ronald Reagan


FCRW general meetings are held the third Thursday of the month, January through June and August through November, unless changed by the FCRW Executive Committee with at least one month’s notification to the members.

  • The FCRW meetings will be held at different locations throughout Fayette County, the purpose being to attract new members. Locations and start times will be determined at least one month in advance and announced via emails, FCRW web site, and newspaper postings.
  • FCRW does not have an official meeting in December. The FCRW Christmas party and installation of officers for the coming year are held in December.
  • FCRW Program Chair will determine the locations and make the reservations for each meeting.
  • Executive Committee meetings are held at a date, time and location determined by the President (Art. V, Sec. 6 of FCRW bylaws). At least five Executive Committee meetings per year must be scheduled.
  • Annual membership dues for Active Members are current NFRW and TFRW dues plus $15.00 (currently $40.00)
  • Annual membership dues for an Active Member and spouse are current NFRW AND TFRW dues plus $25.00. (currently $50.00)
  • Annual membership dues for Associate members are $10
  • Annual membership dues for Young Affiliates are $10
  • Dues paid by new members joining after September 30 of any year shall begin membership from the payment date until December 31 of the following fiscal year.
  • All reports, letters and materials, printed or otherwise, must be approved by the President and the Executive Committee before distribution outside of FCRW. (Birthday, get well and sympathy cards, as well as reminders for monthly meetings do NOT need approval.)
  • A Financial Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and PAC Treasurer, shall elect a Chairman from its own number. The finance committee shall draw up a projected budget for each fiscal year, with input from officers and committee chairs, which will be approved in the January General meeting by the membership.
  • When requesting reimbursement for a budgeted expense, receipts and invoices must be submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner. All non-budgeted expenses must be pre-approved by the Executive Committee before receipts and invoices are submitted to the Treasurer. All in-kind

    donations from any source must include an In-Kind Donation Form and submitted to the Treasurer in a timely manner.

  • FCRW Standing Committees are Program, Legislative, Literacy, Membership, Campaign Activities, Political Action, Hospitality, Bylaws, and Public Relations.
    FCRW Special Temporary Committees are Finance, Internal Review (for EOY financial audit), and Nominations.
    A vote may be conducted either in person, at a general or special meeting, or by mail, telephone, facsimile, or email. If voting is taken outside of a meeting, a decision can be rendered after written (email) documentation has been received from 25% of the active members (a quorum).


Revised January 12, 2023